Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why Doesn't God Just Let Us All To Heaven?

In any relationship we need to have love.

In a marriage, either there is love or the marriage doesn't really exist.

The couple can stay together because of the children.

But finally no one is happy in that situation, not even the children.

They can keep laying to themselves and calling it Heaven.

Even when everyone around them knows what kind of Hell they are living in.

For a relationship to be true there needs to be love, there is no way around it.

And there needs to be submission.

Yes, I can hear you gasp, submission.

Putting the other person's needs before you, committing to the relationship and it needs to come from both.

Again, there is no marriage if both the wife and the husband do not submit to each other.

In our relationship with God there is love and submission, from His side.

He is like the fool on Valentine's Day who confesses his/her love when its object doesn't even know his/her name.

God did that to us.

He created us, He gave us the life and He presented the world to us.

Then when we denied that we even knew that He existed or how He is called, He gave his only son for us.

He gave His own life so we could live.

There is love and submission.
How do you respond?

We cannot pretend in a relationship, either there is love or there isn't.

Heaven is rejoicing of our relationship with God.

The expression of our love and submitting to Him.

Either that love exists or it does not.

Hell is the absence of God.

The choice is yours.


  1. I do believe in a higher power and there is a path for all of us..

  2. this is a very thought-provoking article

  3. I love this! And I agree that a loving marriage should have two submissive partners.

  4. I believe too that either love exists or it does not. Interesting post!

  5. I used to be a gasper - submission. You truly need to understand what it means to be able to give in to it.

  6. Love is very important in any aspect of life.