Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Resurrection - A Hope For A Better World

When Paul spoke in Athens many people listened to him.

Until he started to preach about the Resurrection to them.

And many of the listeners left him, despising his teachings.

Even members of the church, Christians, would deny the Resurrection.

And in the first letter to the Corinthians, in the chapter 15, Paul describes the Resurrection with detail.

So that people would believe.

The way of thinking of people in the Greco-Roman was ruled by philosophical logic.

These philosophies had many similarities with Hinduism.

They considered the body a prison for the soul that had descended from the heaven.

The death enabled the soul to leave the body and be free again, so it could rise back to heaven.

In this kind of way of thinking there was no space for resurrection of the body.

Because it would mean that the soul would be prisoned forever.

The church has struggled with this truth from its beginnings.

For one side we have the histories of the Apostles that undeniably tell us that Jesus was raised from the death.

On the other side is the longing of our souls to the freedom of Heaven.

According to the Greco-Roman thinking the world around us is lower, less than our souls and the world of the minds.

But this is not the Christian way of thinking.

According to the Bible us, the people, and the world, are the peak of the creation.

We are God’s masterpiece, the one that He was most proud of.

Jesus, the Eternal Son of God, was given an immortal body in His Resurrection.

He did not only vanquish the death and win evil but also showed to us that the material world, when filled with God, has a place in God’s plans.

The Resurrection shows that we, people made of flesh and bone have an eternal home.

It is our duty to treat well our bodies, other people and the world where we live in.

This gives the biblical foundations to human rights, physical healing, healthy living and protection of the nature.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the first step in the Resurrection of the world when we will all become perfect in Him.

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