Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Different Sins - September 30th

"Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do."
Philip Yancey

I have many sins.

And many times it seems I have learnt to live with them.

We have sort of made peace.

If I don’t bother them or pray.

Or try actively get rid of them.

If I just feed them a little.

Just a bit of me from time to time.

They’ll let me alone.

Most of the time.

They are my domesticated sins.

But I still need to judge the sin.

Because God told us to do so.

But it must be the other sin.

The one that I don’t do.

The one that is truly horrible.

The sin that I see others committing.

That I judge.

Do you judge and condemn the people who sin differently from you?


  1. I think it depends on the sin! If it is immoral or illegal then I probably would judge them x

  2. I try not to cast judgement on other people. I can never know the full story of peoples lives and things aren't often as simple as they seem on the surface.

  3. I am not religious so I have no concept of 'sin' as such, of course I have my own set of morals and values that I live by but I do try not to judge other people too hastily, for you never know the full story.

  4. I hope not to judge for fear that other people might judge me

  5. It depends on the people and the sin.
    I try not to judge but sometimes it is simply impossible.

  6. Sadly I think judgement is in human nature, probably born out of the idea of sin