Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12th

“A creature revolting against a creator is revolting against the source of his own powers--including even his power to revolt...It is like the scent of a flower trying to destroy the flower.”-- C.S. Lewis in A Preface to Paradise Lost

We are senseless beings and the greatest lie in our lives is that we can do it all alone.

That we do not need God.

That we have become just like Him.

Or that we can become like Him.

We cannot live without air.

We cannot live without water or without food.

We cannot live without God.

The absence of God does not only kill our bodies but it destroys our ability to love and to experience the truth and the freedom.

To be free from life is to be dead.


  1. Great post! C.S. Lewis has come up with some really profound thoughts. I never tire of reading him.

    1. Thank you! I never tire of him either. He is an amazing author and has such a profound view of Christianity and faith.

  2. So our sinful nature, we desire life apart from God. But, life apart from God is merely surviving until the end. Joy everlasting comes to the one who puts their trust and hope in Christ. He is our Rock. And, when we build our lives upon faith in Him, we will never be shaken.

  3. Beatuiful! I love the quotes you shared, but even more is the reality tha when we believe lies about God then our lives are tainted by false truths that misshape every thing we believe.

  4. Wow. This is just so powerful to think about what CS Lewis said. I have never thought of it that way... I'm so glad I found you through the Fellowship Friday link up! It's so so lovely to meet you Joanna!