Sunday, September 14, 2014

We Are Not Of This Earth

We Christians are living as refugees, citizens of another country, right next to the people of this land but not really citizens ourselves.

We are not from here.

We have not part of this country and of its way of life, culture, and politics or future.

Our country is in Heaven.

Our way of life is from the Bible.

Our culture is Christ.

Our politics are in God.

Our future is written and secure, it depends on the victory that Jesus already had over death.

In one sense we are living on the earth and suffering with it.

We are part of the fall, we have been broken and we cannot be perfect.

On the other hand, we are citizens of Heavenly Realms.

We have been set free, made right, justified, atoned, and anointed together with our Ruler.

We have been made sons and daughters, heirs of the Eternal King.

We are perfect, because we have been made perfect.

In the midst of the pain around us, we are called to live the perfect life, to be part of that perfect life.

We have been called to a life without death, sorrow, crying, and pain.

These former things have passed away.

Only our insistence in attaching ourselves to this world and its happenings can bring us pain anymore.


  1. I guess our time here on Earth is borrowed time. We should make the most out of it.

  2. Yes our time on earth is limited, but I think God wanted us to enjoy it and become one with it. Not feel like it doesn't belong or we don't belong. While we have mistreated Mother Earth as a society, I think we have great respect for her as well and for the God that gave her to us...

  3. As a Christian, I sometimes think of these. However, there's still the reality on Earth that must persist.

  4. In the past, I always just said we live to die..I didn't realise how close to the truth I was at the young age. The difference is I finally understand that there is much for us to accomplish while we are living..before we get the final end/ beginning.

  5. I believed that God created us humans to live harmoniously on this planet called earth. And, as human beings, we are bound to decide what's best for us and procreate to continue HIS creation. Believing in Christ and God the Father, is a must while we, humans, are discovering the bounties of life through the faith HE instilled for us. So, as a humans, we are living this on earth, and at the same time, have faith in HIM.

  6. I believe what matters the most is that we show respect and try and generate for ourselves and others as much happiness as possible.

  7. Muslims also believe that our life on earth is just temporary and that's why we must work hard as if we will live forever (to pay for our livelihood) and pray and do good as though it is our last day on earth. Sometimes we get carried away with material things but in the end, these don't matter.

  8. Oftentimes many of us forget that life here on earth is temporary and everything has an end. We should remember that time will come where we will go back to where we really belong

  9. "And God shall wipe away..." very beautiful lines, when we ended our work for which god sent us we will return back to that world

  10. I hope you don't mind people of different religion commenting on your post. But I feel that all religion strives for goodness, kindness and positivity. So although I disagree with certain points, I agree with the others...

    1. I apreacite all the comments, as long as they are civilized. We all have the right to choose what we believe and express that belief. And we all can learn from one another.

  11. I believe that spirituality helps a person become the best he or she can be. I don't believe in any religion.

  12. Personally think not only Christian, everyone in this planet is borrowing from God~

  13. So true, Everything I own here is not mine. and my real home is in heaven. very inspiring

  14. I definitely agree with Sin Yee.. Every mankind has borrowing by their own God.. Nice poems.

  15. We do not belong to this earth for true, we are just visitors, passing by here, it is just a temporary stop, a part from our eternal journey meant to make us stronger, wiser, and better as humans. We are spiritual individuals, we are souls more than bodies.

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  17. This is deeply reflective and beautiful. We are all spiritual beings on an earthly mission. Our journey might differ but our destination is the same. Our Creator made this earth for our enjoyment, suffering and lessons. We can embrace it or ignore it, it doesn't change how our loving Father sees us. You know, I was raised Catholic and always loved the teachings of the bible. At one point, I wanted to become a nun, but my dad said no. I ventured out in my teen years and explored other faiths, and that helped me develop a deep love and respect for the teachings of Christ and the teachings of other faiths. We are all one. No faith is better than the other; people create these divisions. Personally, I believe that my faith is not diminished by what others believe and vise versa. We are all on different paths to the same destination, and we are all Children of God.