Friday, September 19, 2014

Have You Gone To The Temple - September 19th

“You have gone into the Temple...and found Him, as always, there.”
C.S. Lewis in from a letter “To A Lady”

Sometimes I read the Bible and am surprised to find God there.

Sometimes I go to the church and am surprised to find God waiting for me.

Sometimes I raise my eyes to see the world around me and God smiles to me from His work.

Sometimes I read a book, enjoy a work of art, listen to a song or hear a piece of poetry and God is there too.

Have you gone to the temple, and found God there?

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  1. I found myself saying "Yes!" to the places you find God. Isn't it a blessing just to stop and thing that we can find God regardless of what we are doing. I've even found it at my kitchen sink! ~Pamela