Monday, October 27, 2014

Incomprehensible and Immutable Love - October 27th

Incomprehensible and immutable is the love of God. For it was not after we were reconciled to Him by the blood of His Son that He began to love us, but He loved us before the foundation of the world, that with His only begotten Son we too might be sons of God before we were anything at all.
Augustine of Hippo

God loved us before the world came to be.

Before He created the world or made the first human.

He loved us and found us precious.

We have nothing to offer.

Nothing of value.

Nothing we can do.

Nothing at all.

Because He is love and the love is in Him.

We cannot comprehend it.

It is beyond our ability to understand.

How much He loves us.

Not because we love Him.

Not because we try to do good.

Not because we serve Him.

But because He loves us.

And He is all that we need.

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