Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Are Not Of This World

We live in a world that is divided.

There is something about us, who we are, that tells us the world ought to be a certain way.

Yet we are confronted with the reality of the world that is.

We constantly fight this reality and maneuver ourselves to try and repair the world.

To make it what it ought to be.

But all the time we do this, we also realize that none of us are as we ought to be.

We fight a war, build a home, join a cause or engage in endeavors to distract us.

Only to realize that we will still never escape from being trapped within ourselves.

The real dilemma is where this dire feeling comes from in the first place?

Why is it that we don’t accept things as they are?

But insist that the world is not how it should be?

To make it even worse.

Each of us has a different idea of what ought to be.

In the world as it was originally created, there was no conflict between what is and what ought to be.

The first people who lived here enjoyed a world in which everything occurred in complete harmony with itself as it was supposed to be.

That is where our desire for such a world comes from.


  1. My nephew Leon studied in Equador and my friend Sarah's father worked there when Corason was the president. He told me he went ziplining in the Andes.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. I love the effects you did on these last photos and the sayings that goes with it!