Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Fall From Perfection

When the world and the Universe came to exist, it was all creation of an Intelligent Designer.

When we look around us, we have to concede that His abilities are amazing.

To be the Creator, He must be the source of all that exists.

And this must include earth, space, life, time and consciousness.

Everything and anything that there is.

In the world as it He originally created it, there was no conflict between what is and what ought to be.

The people who lived in the world enjoyed a world in which everything occurred in complete harmony with itself as it was supposed to be.

That is where our desire for such a world comes from that I talked about in the last post.

What occurred to cause the disharmony?

We did it, the people.

We caused the perfect creation to fail.

We asked for it.

The perfect creation included perfect people with perfect free will.

Their free will allowed the first people to choose something other than what ought to be.

How could the people choose something that did not exist?

They were given a simple prohibition, not to do something, and at the same time they had the free will, the ability to choose what they wanted to do.

And so, suddenly, the ability to disobey emerged.

And the people were told that if they would do what they were not to do, there would be a fall from the reality.

The cosmos, the world around us, would no longer be as it ought.

But it would veer away from perfection and descend into an alternative reality.

One that could never retain its original perfection.

The people would enter in a world of death, decay and chaos, profaning the original plan.

When they disobeyed anyway, from that moment on, all humanity has become aware of the difference between is and ought.

The first people did not know the agony of what existed on the other side of that decision.

But their failure was still a statement to the Creator that His guidance and wisdom were no longer needed or wanted.


  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful and well written discussion of the fall of man. I hope you plan to share what comes next, too :)

  2. I agree.. no one but man himself is responsible for his fall.. There is so much to be thankful for but we tend to give importance only to the irrelevant and insignificant

  3. I guess the world was molded perfectly and the imperfection came due to our weaknesses. We have a redeeming quality of resilience so we should use it to rise above the fall.

  4. I fully agree with your thoughts about the fall of man. Never blame Satan for he is the great deceiver. If only Adam and Eve have been obedient to God;s order then we could have been living in a perfect world.

  5. The Creator instilled wisdom to human beings to decide and use for their daily lives. If human beings will fall from what the Creator's expected, then, the world will end accordingly, according to the Bible.

  6. Thanks for sharing the wisdom words ^_^


  7. It just great post. Wisdom of words I can see in your post xx

  8. We are only in this world temporarily so we should be prepared for the hereafter by doing good, remembering God and not being so materialistic

  9. Everything is perfect because we are all masterpieces of our Creator. Everything decays and dies... just imagine the world if there is no end of life.

  10. Thanks for sharing these meaningful thoughts :D Lovely post, Love it!

  11. Thanks for these golden words, we should believe in god and our efforts !!!

  12. This is a lovely interpretation of man kinds decent from on high. We have so very much to learn..

  13. Such wonderful insights! We are all responsible in our surroundings and our actions.

  14. If only religion serve to work as a harmony instead of being segregated like that of Hogwarts... where different houses have different beliefs...

  15. These photos look so perfect themselves. It is a blessing that you have so many pristine places in your country, intact from civilization who like to cover everything with concrete in my country. Lucky you that you live in such a miraculous place.

  16. We are perfect in an imperfect world.... Love the photos too.

  17. Sigh... I think greed is the thing that made human evil

  18. So true, it all starts from curiosity.

  19. We were all, truly, made perfect - in the image and likeness of the Creator. It is too bad that we give in to temptation which causes us to sin.

  20. Great, great post you've got here. We can't blame God for our misery. He's given us everything we need we misused and abused it. But, we're learning. Let's rise from this fall.