Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Roots of the Resurrection

The roots of the Resurrection grow deeply from the soil of Old Testament

Messianic Jew, Paul, explains to the people of Korinthos that without Resurrection our faith is useless.

If Jesus did not return from death, why would we believe in Him?

How is He different from any other man that has died or will die?

For the believers, both for Gentiles and Jews, the power of Resurrection was manifested on Pentecost.

On Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured over the believers.

We can receive this power because of the Resurrection.

Because Christ has beaten the death.

Resurrection is a physical deed, and the hope of the Resurrection is as old as the humanity itself.

The Resurrection was the hope and dream during the first covenant.

King David knew that even though he would die and be buried, he had the hope of redemption.

This was the spring where his joy ran from.

Because God would not let His Anointed One to die, we all will raise one day from the death.

Just like Jesus we will receive a new body and be whole in Him, perfect like we were meant to be.

Jesus rose from the death and once and for all demonstrated that we can be atoned and given redemption.

He, who is the head of the congregation, vanquished the death and rules now both life and death.

He will also return victorious.

We, his body, have been forgiven our sins and freed from the chains of death.

And we have been called to rule together with Him – forever.


  1. Thank you so much for the great information here. I am actually preparing my little guy for his first communion.

  2. I am so glad God is a forgiving God! He has forgiven me on so many sins and as his child I am working on being these best I can!

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  6. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Beautiful post! I wish more people would take the time to get to know Christ and all he has done for us! We owe him so much.

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  10. What a breath of fresh air. Sometimes we forgot these important spiritual things when we get so busy. But we should not.

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  14. I can tell how important your faith is to you, and how inspiring your words are to those who follow your faith!

  15. This is beautiful. A refreshing read.