Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Full Assurance Of Faith - Part 1

Christians are not perfect in knowledge.

We are not free from ignorance, no, nor from mistake.

We are no more to expect any living man to be infallible, than to be omniscient.

The Christians are not free from infirmities, such as weakness or slowness of understanding, irregular quickness or heaviness of imagination.

Other imperfections that we, the Christians, possess are impropriety of language, ungracefulness of pronunciation and other thousand nameless defects, either in conversation or behavior.

From such infirmities as these none are perfectly freed till their spirits return to God.

Neither can we expect till then to be whole freed from temptation.

In this sense there is no absolute perfection on earth.

In what sense are the Christians then perfect?

I am not speaking of babes in Christ, but of adult Christians.

The fullness of time is now come, the Holy Ghost is now given, the great salvation of God is now brought to men by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The kingdom of heaven is now set up on earth.

A Christian is so far perfect, as not to commit sin.

To be continued...
This post is part of the Thursday Devotionals series. And it is the first part of The Full Assurance Of Faith - a reflection on the writings of John Wesley. 


  1. Joanna, what food for thought in your dev and gorgeous images! I have not read/studied John Wesley before - thanks for sharing! Hope you have a blessed weekend, Kim Stewart

  2. Thank you for the thought-provoking post and for your lovely comment on Saved by Grace! Praise God that He loves us despite our imperfections and that He has sent His Holy Spirit to indwell every believer to lead, teach, guide, and comfort us. May we yield daily to the Holy Spirit and not to our sin nature.
    God bless,

  3. At the salvation experience, some feel all of a sudden joy and a burst of peace in their heart. Others rest assured that they have passed from death into life by the Word of God. God's word does assure us that we are saved by His grace.