Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Uses of the Law (Post 1)

The knowledge of the law is at the foundation of all true faith. I hope to convince all who will candidly investigate the subject, that without a clear, distinct knowledge of the law we can have no just sentiments, no proper feelings, and no scriptural hopes.

Of all the subjects connected with faith the most rarely unfolded for the Christian eyes and ears is the law. Ignorance of the law is at the root of all those superficial views and statements, with which the Christian world stands satisfied.

In my opinion it’s scarcely possible to speak too strongly about the importance of the law. But we assume that either people are sufficiently acquainted with it or that it is antiquated, and unnecessary to be known.

The mistakes we make in reference to the law are very numerous. In reality, there are but few people who have just views respecting it.

The law lies at the foundation of all true faith. The law should be studied in the first place because it opens the way to the true knowledge of the Gospel.

Those who have never considered it might be staggered at this position. But should you come to this impression, I must request that you make your ultimate decision after reading all the posts in the series.

In Galatians3:19 Paul tells to the Jewish teachers of law that if they would make their works in any degree the ground of their hopes, they must stand altogether on the footing of the law, which prescribed perfect obedience as the way to life.

They must renounce all interest in the covenant which was made with their father Abraham, which promised life to men by believing in the Promised Seed.

The law teachers asked him, Why then were the laws given? Or, if we are not to be saved by the law, for what end did Moses give us the law? What is it worth then?

This is the question I wish to answer. First by showing the incalculable importance of the inquiry itself, and then, giving what I consider the true answer to it.

Oh, that it might please God to accompany our investigation of the law with His Holy Spirit, and to bring home the subject with power to all our hearts!

Let me ask that you who know what it is to have access to God in prayer, will aid me with your supplications for and outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon us in all our future discussions.


O, that all of us may so improve the present hour that in the great day when we shall stand before the judgment of Christ, we may be accepted by our God. And that I who write and you who read, may rejoice together!

May Almighty God pour open us His Holy Spirit to give to every one of us the seeing eye, the hearing ear, the understanding heart, and ultimately to guide our feet into the way of peace!


  1. I love that C. S. Lewis quote. Always so inspiring.
    That's a nice opening sentence too. Honest and real.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment, Lux! C. S. Lewis does have a special way of touching our hearts.