Monday, November 3, 2014

Our minds, our hearts and our lives - October 3rd

Our mind is where our pleasure is, our heart is where our treasure is, our love is where our life is, but all these, our pleasure, treasure, and life, are reposed in Jesus Christ.
Thomas Adams

How many time, uselessly, I try to find pleasure elsewhere.

I think that happiness is possible without God.

I even consider that I could be happier without Him.

But that hope is vain.

Like love, He is the source of happiness.

Without Him, there is no love, and no happiness too.

Too many times I treasure the useless things.

I appreciate things that only turn into dust in my hands.

That leave me empty and yearning, thirsty of truth, of love and joy.

Parched I lie in the wilderness, in the desert of my life.

Where is my treasure?

Where is my pleasure?

Where are the love and life?

In the wilderness, waterless desert, when the living water runs through everything He touches.

And only thing impeding me to reach it, is myself.

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